After my graduation, I began working with a public limited company in New Delhi in 1975, and continued with my professional higher studies privately. Having worked in India, later on moved to work overseas. 

I worked my way up from a humble beginning to become Vice-president, General Manager, Managing Director, and Chairman at the board of directors.

During the days, when I was struggling to achieve success, I could not find even a single book that came with a success formula. So, I dealt with situations with my own understanding, readings, experiences, and guidance from different people.  

Afterwards I realised that the knowledge and experience I gained, it should be shared with other people who struggle and want to lead a successful life. This desire encouraged me to write this book which illustrates all the essential elements of success one needs to know. 

I had the opportunities to travel to Far East, Middle East, Europe, and America for business as well as for leisure. 

I have been an entrepreneur and now live in New Delhi, India.