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My debut self-help book on success breaks free from the popular myth that you need to have luck to be successful. If you think that only education can help one achieve success then remember Calvin Coolidge said “This world is full of educated derelicts.” And often it’s observed, even hard work is not enough.

This book is unique; well researched and elaborates on all the essential elements of success systematically, and incorporates new ideas, leaving no chance for any confusion or failure.

A perfect 'How to do it guide'. It boosts self-confidence and would be very useful for students/ youths. This book can be recommended as an additional source of reading material in schools and colleges. 

This book would be beneficial to anyone who would read it, be it someone who is unemployed or even employed, or someone who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur.

This book is going to be published soon and will be available in India and abroad. It will also be available as an e-book on Amazon, kindle, B & N and on other platforms.

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